Long Term Rent To Hold

CAAM provides property management services from acquisition to rent-ready condition, from securing properties and activating utilities to identifying and verifying the completion of needed repairs. Property management services include rent collection, general maintenance and 24/7 tenant customer service, as well as management and reconciliation of client funds and trust accounts.

Securing and preserving the asset is the first of many crucial steps in the process, from re-keying the property and verifying that no immediate repairs are needed to completing vacant or rental registration processes in accordance with local requirements.

Marketing and leasing efforts are handled locally to utilize targeted local market knowledge. Potential tenants are evaluated via CAAM’s screening tool that utilizes national standards to ensure compliance with Fair Housing regulations. Approved applicants are reviewed by CAAM’s compliance department prior to lease signing to verify tenant qualifications. Property managers are required to provide weekly marketing updates in order to minimize vacancy time.

Property management services include rent collections, delinquency and eviction processes, maintaining and preserving the property for the tenant and client, 24/7 tenant support for emergencies and inquiries, and lease close out and reconciliation – all with an underlying goal of minimizing vacancy and increasing cash flow for the client.