Property Assessment and Repair Oversight

CAAM has the infrastructure in place to perform property assessments and repair oversight on all properties managed. Each assessment is completed on a thorough inspection form created by CAAM and can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Assessments are completed by our property manager network that has insight into local code requirements and what repairs are customary and usual in the marketplace.

The CAAM centralized repair desk, consisting of experienced repair professionals, obtains and reviews all repair bids received to ensure compliance with client guidelines. The repair desk then manages the repair process to ensure timeliness, quality of work and compliance with client requirements.

CAAM can also manage other aspects of the rental process including:

  1. Utilities – our utilities department has worked with utility companies throughout the country to coordinate starting or stopping of services;
  2. Recurring Services & Property Preservation – our repair department maintains a network of vendors to complete routine maintenance services such as lawn and pool maintenance, snow removal, etc.
  3. Vacant and Rental Property Registrations – in conjunction with our property manager network, CAM completes all necessary forms and coordinates required property inspections to ensure compliance with state or local registration requirements