Technology & Reporting

CAAM developed RentPointe™, a proprietary technology solution designed to capture all aspects of property management. As CAAM’s system of record, our entire property manager network is provided access to update their files with tenant communications, documents related to the property, and tracking the status of important items like property registrations. This provides our clients with quality control, consistency across a national portfolio and real-time access to all their properties and associated information.

RentPointe™ maintains files for the complete lifecycle of a property – from initial repairs to marketing, leasing and lease renewal, lease termination, vacancy and security deposit reconciliation. In addition to property files, RentPointe™ tracks the data and status of all tenants and our property manager network.

Our system provides transparency and is customizable to meet a client’s needs. CAAM has managed over 40,000+ units on the platform and tested up to 100,000+ controls through the asset’s entire lifecycle to ensure superior performance. RentPointe™ is currently integrated with multiple third party solutions such as ePayments, print vendors, major accounting packages, marketing and other value-add solutions.

RentPointe™’ s, reporting module provides the measurements and metrics needed to manage a client’s portfolio. Reporting includes dashboards and analytics to enables investors to effectively manage asset yields. Our reporting provides effective monitoring of property management performance to achieve investment objectives. In addition, it includes a comprehensive reporting suite at detailed, summary, and rollup portfolio levels and a full suite of key metric reports.