BPO Plus

BPO Plus is an update on the industry standard that includes reviewer comps, more in depth Quality Control, and supporting analytics driven by MLS data. The result is a more detailed and reliable solution that is not based solely on an agent’s subjectivity. Highlights of the BPO Plus quality control process include rule validation, manual review, variance commentary, reviewer comp validation, and the selection of additional comps.

The benefits of BPO Plus include:

  • Enhanced Quality Control
  • Market and Pricing Analytics
  • Improved Efficiency in Decision Making and Validation
  • MLS Driven Pricing Validation


Map of MLS coverage as powered by the RedBell network

BPO Coverage
BPO Plus vs. Standard BPO
 BPO PlusStandard BPO
Integrated MLS Market Data Key metrics and supporting data incorporated throughout the BPO Plus No
Neighborhood, ZIP and Market Analytics Driven with current MLS Data No
AVE Price Estimate Each BPO Plus includes an AVE and all supporting Data No
Flip Activity/Flip Data Yes / Available No
Detailed Rental Analytics Rental Price Assessments and Rental Analytics driven by current MLS data can be provided No
BPO Summary Format Designed to promote efficiency and provide detail for est. price support and decisioning needs No
Price Opinion QC Completed via interactive system using MLS access No
Reviewer Price Opinion Range As-is and Repaired Value Range No
Additional Comps Up to 20 sold, listed and under contract comps in defined market area No
Collateral Concerns Security, emergency repairs, for sale sign, occupancy, loss of value/collateral risk at the top of the document No/in the body of the BPO
Subject Listing History Included with each BPO Plus Only the most recent listing in the past 12 months
Reconciled Repairs and Marketing Strategy Reviewer QC and reconciliation of recommended repairs and recommended marketing strategy No
Photos of all Damage Pictures of all recorded exterior/interior damages are required and checked as part of the QC process Maybe

Access to MLS data helps drive a smarter, more reliable BPO

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